Asia Trail Master is a prestigious trail running series that features some of the most challenging and picturesque trail races across Asia. Founded in 2014, the series has grown to include races in more than a dozen countries, offering a diverse range of terrains, elevations, and distances to challenge runners of all levels. Asia Trail Master aims to promote trail running in Asia, while providing a platform for runners to compete against each other and earn points towards the annual championship title. The series has gained a reputation for its high-quality organization, stunning race courses, and strong community spirit, making it a must-try for any trail runner looking to test their limits in the region.

Olé Athltc creates and provides high-quality sports attires for the most intense workout. This collaboration helps to promote the ATM series and raise awareness of the sport of trail running in Asia. By wearing and using high-quality products that they can use and wear with pride, runners and fans of the sport can show their support for the series and help to build a sense of community and belonging among trail running enthusiasts. Olé Athltc is thrilled to be a part of the Asia Trail Master community and to support the growth of trail running in Asia.

The phrase “Trail be with you” expresses the idea that the trails themselves are with the runners, guiding and supporting them on their journey. Trail running is often seen as a way to connect with nature and the environment. It also encourages runners to persevere and overcome challenges that they may face on the trails. Trail running can be physically demanding and mentally challenging, and the phrase “Trail be with you” reminds runners that they have the strength and resilience to push through and reach their goals.

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